Top coolest looking animals

Top coolest looking animals. Welcome to this article about the top 10 coolest looking animals; we’ve got all you need to know!

We all have our definitions and assumptions of what cool should look like. The general thing is that everyone loves the art of being cool.

When it comes to animals, they have the authentic coolness that makes us admire them for their capabilities and instinct. It’s said that being natural is, in a way, being cool, and that is what animals are well known for; they go about projecting their remarkable attributes.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of the top 10 coolest looking animals!

 1. Okapi

These gentle giants are actually cousins of giraffes, though they are often mistaken for being related to zebras because of their stripes.

They have an extra-long tongue which comes in handy for cleaning their eyelids and ears, and swatting insects from their necks. Their diet consists mainly of greens, such as grass and plant leaves.

2. The Fossa

The Malagasy fossa, more commonly known as the Cryptoprocta ferox, is one of the deadliest predators in Madagascar. Physically, they resemble hairless cats. They have an incredible growth rate, and can reach a length of six feet.

These predators have semi-retractable claws that allow them to climb down trees headfirst – a feat that not many animals can accomplish.

3. The Maned Wolf

The maned wolf is a unique creature. As its name suggests, it has a mane of fur around its neck that stands up when it senses danger. It is closely related to dogs, not wolves or foxes. And unlike other dogs that live in packs, the maned wolf is a loner.

This animal is also unusual in that it eats both plants and meat. Its primary defense against other animals and humans is its horrible-smelling wastes. This keeps intruders out of its territory, as few can stand the foul smell for long.

4. Blue Dragon

The blue dragon, or Glaucus atlanticus, is a fascinating creature that is often considered one of the coolest-looking animals around. They are known for floating upside down in the water, and their blue color helps them blend in and remain hidden.

These sea creatures get their name from their dragon-like appearance, and they primarily feed on man-of-war jellyfish.

Although they are related to their prey, blue dragons attack by stinging their prey with a poisonous barb. This species is being found in more and more habitats, but they were originally found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

5. Japanese Spider Crab

This is the arthropod with the largest leg span making it more creepy. At their maximum height, they stand a whopping two to three feet from the floor.

It’s even more impressive that their legs grow throughout their lifetime. This can be a scary creature to encounter, especially if you are arachnophobic.

Japanese spider crabs are generally scary as they can measure up to 18 feet. These immense creatures don’t swim and tend to stay in shallow waters. Japanese spider crab are a delicacy to eat in their native region though catching them ain’t easy.

6. Slow Loris

The slow loris is known for its round eyes and melting eye contact gesture. These creatures dwell in trees, where they hang upside down from branches using their feet. This trait allows them to eat using their hands while they’re in the trees.

Although they are generally calm animals, they have an extremely venomous bite that can do significant damage to predators and rivals.

Slow lorises have a stealth attribute and can remain completely silent in the face of danger, remaining unnoticed. They have two tongues, one for cleaning teeth and the other long enough to suck nectar from flowers.

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