Basic Parts and features of Computer System

Basic Parts and features of Computer System. There are four parts of a computer that work together to create the final product. These parts are essential to have in order to consider something a computer.

If any one of these parts is missing, then it cannot be called a computer. Each of these four parts has a different, main role in our computer system. They are also interlinked, meaning they rely on each other to function.

These four parts are also known as the main parts of a computer, which are listed below:

  1. CPU
  2. Keyboard
  3. Mouse
  4. Desktop Screen

1.) CPU

The full name of the CPU is Central Processing Unit, but it is commonly referred to as the brain of the computer because it essentially controls the entire system. The CPU is the main processing unit of a computer – it houses the electronic circuitry that performs the information processing, basic logic, input/output (I/O) control, and data movement required for a computer to function.

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is often referred to as the brain of the computer. It’s because the CPU is responsible for controlling the entire computer system. As the main part of a computer, it carries out all of the instructions given to it.

2.) Keyboard

The keyboard is an input device that is used to input data into the computer. The keyboard is an important part of the computer as it is used to type in data.

3.) Mouse

The mouse is an essential device for computers – it allows us to point and click on different items on the screen such as folders, icons, and applications. We use mice to navigate through many different programs and without them, a lot of our work on the computer would be much more difficult.

4.) Desktop Screen

A monitor is an output device that is used to display information in soft copy. Monitors come in different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose of displaying information from a computer. Monitors are a vital part of any computer system.

Benefits of Using Computer

  • Save Your Time
  • Get Information
  • Can Make Money
  • Data store Capability
  • Product Employment
  • Keep Your Entertained
  • Multitasking of Computer
  • Connect on the internet to get all things

What are Advantage of Computer

Today, computers are utilized on a grand scale due to their efficiency – working much faster than humans. They can complete large calculations in a few seconds and store a lot of data that can be accessed at any time.

If you have internet access, you can also secure your data using cloud storage. You can stay connected with your friends and family through video calls, email, and social networking.

Features of Computer System

Speed, accuracy, storage capacity, and automation are among the most important features and characteristics of computers. They help make our lives easier by doing things faster and more accurately than we could ever hope to do on our own.

Additionally, computers have the ability to store vast amounts of data and information, making them an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals alike.

1.) Speed

Computers are incredibly fast devices that can perform a large number of calculations in just a few seconds – something that would take a human being months or even years to do.

They can also interact with other devices and computer systems in a fraction of a second, which helps to make our lives much easier and more efficient.

2.) Accuracy 

Computers are accurate most of the time. The errors that occur are usually a result of human error. The accuracy of computers is constantly high, and they can perform hundreds of operations with accurate calculations and analysis quickly.

3.) Diligence

The beauty of computers is that they don’t get tired and they can work quickly and without error. This is why they are such a valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike. If you are working on a project, you can be sure that the computer will be able to handle it without any problems.

4.) Storage Capacity

A computer can store large amounts of data due to its secondary storage capacity, which allows it to take in information and store it for future use. This is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, such as being able to retrieve data quickly and efficiently.

5.) Automatic

Computer are an automatic machine because they are once started on a job, they carry it out until it is completed without the need of human assistance. They also have the ability to take in information and store it for future reference.

6.) Logical Decision

Computers can make logical decisions in a nano second. This is especially helpful in areas like arithmetic calculations and railway reservations.

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